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We Put A Smile On Your Face And Cash In Your Pocket

Neighborhood Pawn offers fast, hassle-free pawn loans in addition to selling a large selection of merchandise and offering gold buying services.Give us a call today at (405) 604-8001 or stop by our pawn shop to have one of our staff members evaluate your items. 

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Need quick cash? Bring us something of value and we will lend you money for it. Come back in 30 days and pay us back the loan amount plus interest and get your stuff back. It's as simple as that. Hassle free, kind pawn brokers, with money to lend.


Need more than 30 days to pay off your pawn loan? That's okay too. As long as you make an interest payment by the due date, we can extend your pawn loan as many times as you need. Our interest rates are set by the laws of Oklahoma and are based on the amount of the pawn loan. Here is a chart to show the interest rates (APR).

Example: Get a $10 loan. Thirty days later owe $12 or make a minimum payment of $2 to extend the pawn loan an extra 30 days. 


Don't Know What to Pawn?

We take all kinds of things, but you'll get the most money for guns and gold. Still need some ideas? Check out our picture gallery. 


Insider Tip: Taking a few minutes to clean any dirt off an item before you bring it in always maximizes the amount the item is worth. 

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We'll Keep Your Valuables Safe

Worried that someone might steal your guns or jewelry out of your home? Consider pawning them with us. With a state-of-the-art security system, we keep your stuff safe on those occasions when you need a quick and effective solution.

Plus, unlike the other guys we take a picture of every item pawned, so you can rest easy that your valuables are secure.

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